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I know it’s four months early, but…

In August 2003–nearly 10 years ago, perhaps–a two-part episode of Samurai Jack by Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory and future director of Hotel Transylvania, aired on Cartoon Network. The following year, it won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, no less.

It is basically a prequel to the Premiere Movie, and it is something that explains the origins of the evil shape-shifting demon wizard Aku, as well as the origins of Samurai Jack’s magic sword, and how Samurai Jack’s dad, The Emperor of Japan, fought Aku and eventually brought about Aku’s ‘jailtime’ by locking up Aku’s remains and demon forces deep in the earth with the magic sword–so that Aku’s tree-like ‘jailhouse’ could stick out admist the damage that the Shogun of Sorrow has wrought. And it ended with the birth of Samurai Jack, my most favorite cartoon samurai warrior of all time.

That two-part Samurai Jack episode I’m talking about is called “The Birth of Evil”.

Again, I know it’s four months early, but I have done two things in preparation for the 10th anniversary of Samurai Jack: The Birth of Evil Parts one and two.

First off, I have done two versions of a fanmade Photoshop collage tribute poster that I had done for that two-part Emmy Award-winning Samurai Jack episode that is Birth of Evil:

Samurai Jack Birth of Evil Fanmade Triburte Photoshop Collage Poster by Timbox Timbox's Fanmade Tribute to Samurai Jack Birth of Evil

Secondly,  If you who have seen and/or remembered seeing Samurai Jack and/or its Emmy Award-winning two-parter Birth of Evil have any comment, you could talk and/or reminiscence about this show and/or Birth of Evil on the comment page below.

And so, here is my question:

Do you remember the two-part Emmy Award-winning Samurai Jack episode Birth of Evil? Do you like it or not? What is your favorite part(s) from Birth of Evil?

Well, what’s your word or review on Birth of Evil, the two-part Emmy Award-winning Samurai Jack episode that I’m talking about?

Hey ladies and gentlemen! Guess what I found?
There are some preliminary sketches done for my most favorite action cartoon of all time—Samurai Jack:






















There are also storyboards for Aku’s opening attack on Jack’s village at the beginning of Samurai Jack:























And last but not least, 10 model sheets/episode/character designs from the first half hour part of the premiere movie:





















And where did I found them, you may ask?

Well, I have found them last night at the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine archive cache for the Samurai Jack page at Cartoon’s now-defunct Department of Cartoons webpage, of course.

And someday, folks, I am going to be famous for my love of cartoons, especially the work of Genndy Tartakovsky like Samurai Jack. And someday, my fame and fortune will grow to worldwide/international proportions on account and strength of what I’m hoping for the most complete Samurai Jack behind-the-scenes art collection ever compiled and assembled, and by no means imaginable—one which will take the form of a multi-volume series of lavishly illustrated Samurai Jack coffee-table art books (in print, digital interactive ebook or both forms) or a major traveling art gallery show exhibit showcase, perhaps—The Art of Samurai Jack: An Epic Behind-The-Scenes Celebration of Genndy Tartakovsky’s epic action cartoon series Samurai Jack, no less.

So, what do you think?

Here is my fanmade tribute poster to Genndy Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack, one of my favorite TV shows of all time, and one of my favorite cartoons:

This is inspired by the poster for the 2002 IMAX reissue of Disney’s The Lion King.

And I use the following words that Samurai Jack’s dad, the Emperor, used to guide Young Jack for the fanmade poster’s tagline:

“Nothing worth having is easily attained. Sometimes you must fight for what is yours–and what you believe in. It is not one’s outward brawn, bu rather one’s inner strength, that makes them mighty.”

So, do you like this fanmade poster or not? Well, what’s your word.