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Happy April Fools, everybody!

Anyways, Yes, sure, all of this isn’t always mine; yes, I or someone else made all of this up; and yes, this is all fake and it may or may not be lethally violent or even controversial for an April Fools Day faux news article or something like that, but believe it or not, here it is:



(Image Credit belongs to

Reports of Assassin Cult Concern World Leaders

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 – Associated Press – New York, New York

World leaders are meeting at the United Nations today to combat what they see as a growing international issue. The assassin cult, The Daughters of Aku, have been committing more and more brazen acts of assassination across the world. Last night, it was reported that as many as 50 National Guard members were slain at the under-construction American-Mexican Border Wall near Brownsville, Texas. Experts are now saying that the group is likely responsible for this attack. Little is known about this group, but what is known has many leaders alarmed.

“It’s some kind of weird [expletive removed] cult that worships this ‘Aku'” says [name removed], host of the “[title removed]” podcast which has ran many stories on this group, “I know more about this group than almost all of the country, but what ‘Aku’ truly is has still eluded me and my listeners”


Others, however, want far more action taken against this group.

“We landed a man on the Moon and now we can’t stop 7 women? Sad!” tweeted President Trump in response to what has appeared to be an ineffectual response to this group.

“How can we stop them? They came out of nowhere and just like that, half my unit was gone!” said Sergeant William Robert who was a witness to this attack, “All I know is that they’re looking for some guy named ‘Jack’. There’s millions of guys named Jack, are they going to kill them all until they find their Jack?”

A spokesman for the Department of Defense has stated that they are still investigating this attack and how these assassins managed to evade capture.

However, this event has alarmed many locals in Brownsville who are wondering how they can be safe.

“How can we trust our leaders to protect us when they can’t even stop these women?” said Juan Rodriguez, owner of the Border Cantina restaurant. Many others in Brownsville and around the world have the same question.


So, anyway, what do you think?


I know it’s four months early, but…

In August 2003–nearly 10 years ago, perhaps–a two-part episode of Samurai Jack by Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory and future director of Hotel Transylvania, aired on Cartoon Network. The following year, it won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, no less.

It is basically a prequel to the Premiere Movie, and it is something that explains the origins of the evil shape-shifting demon wizard Aku, as well as the origins of Samurai Jack’s magic sword, and how Samurai Jack’s dad, The Emperor of Japan, fought Aku and eventually brought about Aku’s ‘jailtime’ by locking up Aku’s remains and demon forces deep in the earth with the magic sword–so that Aku’s tree-like ‘jailhouse’ could stick out admist the damage that the Shogun of Sorrow has wrought. And it ended with the birth of Samurai Jack, my most favorite cartoon samurai warrior of all time.

That two-part Samurai Jack episode I’m talking about is called “The Birth of Evil”.

Again, I know it’s four months early, but I have done two things in preparation for the 10th anniversary of Samurai Jack: The Birth of Evil Parts one and two.

First off, I have done two versions of a fanmade Photoshop collage tribute poster that I had done for that two-part Emmy Award-winning Samurai Jack episode that is Birth of Evil:

Samurai Jack Birth of Evil Fanmade Triburte Photoshop Collage Poster by Timbox Timbox's Fanmade Tribute to Samurai Jack Birth of Evil

Secondly,  If you who have seen and/or remembered seeing Samurai Jack and/or its Emmy Award-winning two-parter Birth of Evil have any comment, you could talk and/or reminiscence about this show and/or Birth of Evil on the comment page below.

And so, here is my question:

Do you remember the two-part Emmy Award-winning Samurai Jack episode Birth of Evil? Do you like it or not? What is your favorite part(s) from Birth of Evil?

Well, what’s your word or review on Birth of Evil, the two-part Emmy Award-winning Samurai Jack episode that I’m talking about?

Hey ladies and gentlemen! Guess what I found?
There are some preliminary sketches done for my most favorite action cartoon of all time—Samurai Jack:






















There are also storyboards for Aku’s opening attack on Jack’s village at the beginning of Samurai Jack:























And last but not least, 10 model sheets/episode/character designs from the first half hour part of the premiere movie:





















And where did I found them, you may ask?

Well, I have found them last night at the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine archive cache for the Samurai Jack page at Cartoon’s now-defunct Department of Cartoons webpage, of course.

And someday, folks, I am going to be famous for my love of cartoons, especially the work of Genndy Tartakovsky like Samurai Jack. And someday, my fame and fortune will grow to worldwide/international proportions on account and strength of what I’m hoping for the most complete Samurai Jack behind-the-scenes art collection ever compiled and assembled, and by no means imaginable—one which will take the form of a multi-volume series of lavishly illustrated Samurai Jack coffee-table art books (in print, digital interactive ebook or both forms) or a major traveling art gallery show exhibit showcase, perhaps—The Art of Samurai Jack: An Epic Behind-The-Scenes Celebration of Genndy Tartakovsky’s epic action cartoon series Samurai Jack, no less.

So, what do you think?


Speaking of any upcoming home media release of the 1990s children’s cartoon series Dexter’s Laboratory, whether it’s on DVD, BluRay or any future format, what I was always proposing all the time is always this:

A) A definitive, first-class special edition home media release of Dexter’s Laboratory—something along the possible lines of a “Criterion Collection” for animation on home video—this time, on BluRay, and with dazzling high definition clarity (and quality) and the purest digital sound imaginable on the planet, as well as being done at the highest level.

B) Something that collects every single one in the whole, entire franchise of Dexter’s Laboratory (including the Ego Trip TV movie, Dexter’s Rude Removal (with censored and/or uncensored track(s)),  and even the infamous banned Dial M For Monkey segment known as “Barbequor”, and apart from my proposed dinosaur-infused Dexter’s Laboratory reboot and epic blockbuster movie project that is “Dexter’s Odyssey”) as well as preserving, restoring, and remastering  all the original pre-Ego Trip run plus Ego Trip in their original unaltered broadcast glory, as well as in 1080p HD and in excellent high quality and with maximum bit-rate encoding, as well as, in addition to the original 2.0 stereo broadcast audio mixes, all new 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio remixes for the best and highest-quality A/V presentations imaginable.

C) Something that, even for an obscure 1990s kids cartoon that gained a small cult following, might also contain the most comprehensive collection of supplemental materials (and not to mention, materials not yet seen before) ever assembled (and by no means imaginable) for any film, any series of films, or any TV show, whether be they live action, animated, or a blend of both.


D) Something that might not only be aimed at fans of Dexter’s Lab and Classic Cartoon Network in general, but also the collector, and especially in ways that even previous home media releases of especially Cartoon Network’s more classical show (including that of Dexter’s Laboratory) never were.

While the last two seasons of Dexter’s Lab might well likely get 1080p HD transfer taken directly from the digital source, all of the original pre-Ego Trip Dexter’s Lab stuff plus Ego Trip itself might also undergo a massive restoration process in order for all that to be fit for a definitive, first-class high definition presentation on BluRay.

And in order to give all the pre-Ego Trip stuff in Dexter’s Lab and Ego Trip itself a very, very, VERY FRESH lick of paint in the very form of a massive, frame-by-frame digital restoration  that might even bring the colors back to life and in their original unaltered broadcast glory, all without even the side effects of, say, DVNR, reinsert the infamous banned Dial M For Monkey segment Barbequor right where it always should have been (at least in the fourth Season One half-hour, and right between Double Trouble and the very first Dexter’s Laboratory pilot episode known as “Changes”),  and even give the dialogue/voices, music and sound effects a whole new outstanding punch by way of remixed, outstanding and super-separated 7.1 DTS sound mixes that places you right in the middle of the hilarious chaos in a particular Dexter’s Lab episode and will have you convinced Dexter is yelling “Dee Dee! Get out of my laboratory!!” or something like that right from your living room, in addition to the original 2.0 stereo broadcast audio mixes, to say the least…

They will most likely have no choice but to go back to the original sources, and re-edit and reassemble all that pre-Ego Trip Dexter’s Lab stuff plus the Ego Trip movie itself together from scratch.

For example, each and every single one in the original pre-Ego Trip run of Dexter’s Lab (back when Genndy Tartakovsky was the show runner) and Ego Trip itself will have to be cleaned up and reassembled frame-by-frame from the original film elements all without even the side effects of DVNR, the dialogue/voice tracks as well as the music tracks had to be reinserted and a lot of the sound effects had to be completely redone to fit the show’s 7.1 DTS remixes, etc.

And this will mean a lot of time and a lot of money, probably more time and money than has ever been spent to bring something that is animated, used to air on TV during the obscure yet (to those who are children of the 90s at the time) simple and happy time before the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and have garnered a small cult following, to home video, had to be spent in order to make such a release happen.

But at least I wanted such a BluRay release of Dexter’s Lab to be among the best BluRay sets of all time (alongside even the Alien Anthology BluRay box set, to say the least), whether it’s for a movie, or whether it’s for a TV series, or whether it’s for a series of films, and whether they’re animated, live action, or a fusion of both.

Sorry it is a long post, but that’s what I’ve always proposed for any upcoming home media release of a cartoon like Dexter’s Laboratory all the time, whether it’s on DVD, BluRay, or any future format.

Here is A Touching Screenshot from the Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack created  by Genndy Tartakovsky:

It shows Young Samurai Jack and his mother embracing themselves in a hug.

So what do you think of this emotionally resonant screenshot?

Would anyone really accept an unusual epic love story involving a little red-headed mad scientist boy (Dexter?) and an Asian friend (LeeLee?) of a stupid and incredibly annoying blonde-headed ballerina tutu-wearing girl (DeeDee?)?

Here is my fanmade tribute poster to Genndy Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack, one of my favorite TV shows of all time, and one of my favorite cartoons:

This is inspired by the poster for the 2002 IMAX reissue of Disney’s The Lion King.

And I use the following words that Samurai Jack’s dad, the Emperor, used to guide Young Jack for the fanmade poster’s tagline:

“Nothing worth having is easily attained. Sometimes you must fight for what is yours–and what you believe in. It is not one’s outward brawn, bu rather one’s inner strength, that makes them mighty.”

So, do you like this fanmade poster or not? Well, what’s your word.