This is the real main reason why I like James Cameron’s AVATAR, the 2009 science fiction stereoscopic 3D epic space opera which is not to be confused, under penalty of death, with the Nickelodeon show of the same title.

You see, while the plot is predictable and despite the characters having one dimensional personality traits (though I like Jake Sully and his Avatar body and called him “My Main Blue Man”), out of all the recent movies, TV shows and animated cartoons that came out these days, especially all the recent big budget Hollywood blockbusters, James Cameron’s AVATAR, even in 3D (which is the very best way to see AVATAR the way it was meant to be seen even in the cinema), has the most amazing visuals imaginable as well as the prettiest colors imaginable.

So, besides me, what did you think of the amazing visuals and the pretty colors of James Cameron’s AVATAR?