I think Dexter’s sister Dee Dee’s Asian friend, Lee Lee, from the Cartoon Network Show, Dexter’s Laboratory, deserves an epic comeback role.

And I also think Lee Lee deserves her own epic vehicle as well as her own spectacular showcase.

How about “The Princess of Shangara”, a massive, elaborate, theatrical big screen Dexter’s Laboratory/The Powerpuff Girls-inspired animated cartoon epic tale of mythical, biblical and legendary proportions (and made in Panavision/Cinemascope) with Dee Dee’s Asian friend Lee Lee being the main central lead character as well as the title character: a heroic warrior princess from the land of Shangara (a Far Eastern Asian/Chinese/Japanese-influenced land, complete with its own language, culture, customs, art, and lore) who is as mighty, brave, and noble as she is young, fair, and beautiful, and who, according to an ancient prophecy, is destined to stop the evil Mandark from conquering and enslaving the world.

That’s my wish for Dee Dee’s Asian Friend Lee Lee.