What if, in my Dexter’s Laboratory movie idea, the 12-or-so-part big screen live action/traditional 2D animated hybrid epic Dexter’s Odyssey, Mandark,


as a powerful, cruel and utterly evil ’Dark Lord’ being, fears one thing above anything and anyone else:

An ancient prophecy foretelling the end of the Dark Lord Mandark’s evil power and reign at the hands and by the mighty magical sword of this girl:

LeeLee, the Asian friend of DeeDee, Dexter’s sister in Dexter’s Laboratory, as well as, in Dexter’s Odyssey, Dexter’s protector and a heroic, mighty warrior princess girl from the Far East/China/Japan-inspired-and-influenced realm of Shangara, also referred to as “The Avatar” (not the James Cameron movie, and/or the Nickelodeon show subtitled “The Last Airbender”), and who, according to said prophecy, is to bring about the downfall of the Dark Lord, Mandark with her weapon of choice, an enchanted sword with great magical powers?

And what if, for the climax of my Dexter’s Lab movie idea, Dexter’s Odyssey,  to preserve himself from destruction, and to fight Dexter and his sister DeeDee’s Asian Friend Lee Lee for the last time or so, Mandark…

should use his great, terrible magic or so to transform himself into an enormous dragon, which I think should look  just like the Red Death dragon from Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon?

(Note to self: This Red Death image from How to Train Your Dragon is what Mandark should look like in dragon form)

Just wondering, or maybe am I just kidding.